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monaboyd's Journal

Billy/Dom Fans
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We love Dom. We love Billy. We love 'em together.

This community is a place for people who love the Dom/Billy pairing. Here you can share pictures, stories and story reccomendations, random news bits, and just have general discussion of these two LOTR actors. Don't be shy, join today!

Moderators: andrealyn, traceace and loveflyfree.

Things To Keep In Mind

1. Don't bother joining to bash the community's subject matter. The post will be deleted as soon as we see it.

2. No flaming or fighting wars will be tolerated. You don't agree with someone? Ignore them. It's not worth it. If you feel someone is doing something wrong, tell us - we'll check it out and take action if needed.

3. Keep the off-topic discussion to a minimum. Feel free to talk about other actors of course, but make sure it has something to do with Billy and Dom in some way. If you want to talk about Dom/Elijah, go to the domlijah community. Along these same lines, we ask that you don't make introductory posts as the community is, in fact, quite large.

4. If you're putting up a fic, please make sure you have a rating, especially if it's R or NC-17. If your story contains something that should warrant a warning so as to prevent people from stumbling in (ie. deathfic), please put that in the notes.

5. If you're posting a picture, keep others in mind. Put it under LJ cut if it's large or if you're posting multiple pictures. If you don't know how to do LJ-cut, go here.

6. While this is a community that focuses on Billy and Dom together, we ask that you do not jump to the conclusion that it is a fact that they are together. A great deal of this group delves into fiction, and speculation, but not fact.

7. This is a big group, which has many members. Because of this, we ask that you do not post more than three different pieces of fiction in a day (series and chaptered stories do not apply to this rule).

8. Looking for a story? Look in lotrips_finders. Please post there rather than taking up space here. Want to share ideas, or get an idea? lotrps_ideas. Need to find out facts about Dom or Billy? lotrip_resource. Please use the appropriate communities.