September 16th, 2004


Photobucket problem....

Just a heads up....

Yesterday I was reading the monaboyd flist and was looking at some of the Dom pics from Disneyland. Today my husband and I noticed that our firewall was reporting two incoming connections with via a pic with the name Dompug while the browser was closed. Our firewall wouldn't let us break the connection. We had to reboot and use our spyware remover to clear up the problem.

Idon't know where the problem is exactly but I'd suggest that if you've clicked on that pic then check out your machine.
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Hi. I've been lurking for only a couple of months, and am marvled (sp?!) over how beautifully you all write your fics. It's just phenomenal. This is my first Monaboyd fic. I've written one of Dom and Michael Novotny from Queer As Folk played by Hal Sparks last month, and decided to do this.

Title: In The Twilight
Pairing: DM/BB
Rating: G
Author: lyss_monaghan
Summary: Billy pulls over on the highway.
Disclaimer: I own them as much as I own the world.
Feedback: All right, I'm a feedback whore. It'd be nice. :D
Music Disclaimer: I certainly do NOT own the song I have used in this fic, being I Could Not Ask For More by Edwin McCain.

This story was inspired by some of the most romantic things I have ever seen in a movie. Specifically The Notebook. Go and see it AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.

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All That Jazz Dom

Hello Friends!

I just joined the Monaboyd Community...although I've been coming here for my slashy fixes for quite a while. =)

So I guess I'll just jump right into the pool and post a story. It's short, for which I am sorry. Writer's block prevented me from anything more than drabbles. But here they are anyway.

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