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Spirit Hoods and Sci-fi Books (1/2)

Title: Spirit Hoods and Sci-fi Books 1/2
Author: Burrito
Rating: PG13 (this chapter)
Feedback: oh my yes please
Summary: "Well, I went through all the intense effort and turmoil of the 14 hour plane journey to visit you, and all you're doing is reading!"
Disclaimer: No, as far as I am aware this in fact did not happen, I don't own Billy and Dom (unfortunately), no offense is intended and I am not being paid to do this :c

Prey at 12 o'clock, slowly approaching target, quieter than one of those creepy mime characters, victim still reading probably-overrated-sci-fi book, wait for it...


Billy let out an undignified squeal as Dom tackled him off the sofa, from behind no less!

Turning over reveals a grey furry head with wolf ears, further exploration uncovers that it is in-fact a hat, the long gloves, and the odd but appealing face of Mr Dominic Monaghan, currently grinning like a madman.

"What exactly do you think you are doing?" Billy asked, raising an eyebrow "And what on Earth died on your head?"

Dom poked his tongue out from in between his teeth and brought his hands to his face, bending them in a presumed cute imitation of paws, and made a rather odd growling noise.

"I am Ancient Claw! Leader of the mystic wolves, my power is known to all across the land of England, Ireland, Wales, and that manky, cold, rainy place I think goes by the name of Scotland!" He exclaimed with flourish before leaning down and licking wetly up the side of an unsuspecting Billy's face.

Staring at Dom with an eyebrow raised, rather amused, Billy wipes Dom's spit from his face with the sleeve of his white long-sleeved t-shirt. "Right then, 'Ancient Claw', I would very much thank you to not call my home country 'manky, cold and rainy', it hurts me to my very core" Billy pressed a hand to his chest, sobbing comically.

Slapping a hand to his mouth, Dom gasped in mock shock, "Oh!"

Billy nodded solemnly, sticking out his lower lip in a childish pout.

They remained that way for the best part of 10 seconds before bursting into fits of laughter.

"Okay but really mate. I understand your peculiar 'fashion-sense' but really, where the fuck did you get that?"

Dom grinned and stood up, holding out his hand to yank Billy up with him "I found it in a small shop that time when I visited a friend down in Brighton."

"Ah. Okay." Billy slumped back down on the sofa and picked up his probably-overrated-sci-fi book, continuing to read.

Dom frowned, Billy had been reading that god-forsaken book all day, and he was slowly but surely becoming more that a little miffed at him.

"Is that book better than me or something?"

Billy placed his finger on the word he was up to and looked at him, "Hmm?"

"Well, I went through all the intense effort and turmoil of the 14 hour plane journey to visit you, and all you're doing is reading!" Dom pouted and proceed to attempt to remove the book from Billy's light hold,

Billy shrugged, not really knowing what to say, "It's a good book?" He said and promptly turned back to said book.

Dom sighed irritably, racking his brain for an idea on how to get Billy's attention. Upon not coming up with any, he huffed out a breath trekked and into the kitchen to grab a beer.

Noticing Dom's absence, Billy exhaled tiredly, dog-eared his book and went to find Dom.

Entering the kitchen, he found him staring blankly into the fridge, seemingly completely oblivious to Billy's presence.

"Gone all teenager on me have you 'Ancient Claw' ?" He laughed, but stopped when Dom glared at him.

Billy sighed and strode over to Dom, wrapping him in a warm embrace, "Alright, why don't we go out and do some stuff? We can spend some time together then eh?"

Dom nodded and snuggled into Billy's neck, returning the hug.

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